Adrenaline Alley have created 2 three minute innovative virtual reality experiences developed by Surround Vision after receiving a 50% match grant from Innovate Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Community Foundation and the European Regional Development Fund.


Experience 1: This shows you the social impact of the what the charity creates including testimonials from staff,  volunteers and riders.

Experience 2: This takes you on a 360 degree ride through the park areas and you can see all the sports. You can experience what it’s like to “drop in” on the 14ft high vert ramp in a wheelchair with Lily Rice.

Both experiences are suitable and accessible for all. Adrenaline Alley have developed specialist disability pods for those who may struggle to sit or stand during the experience. You can choose to use the experiences via goggles or via the 180 degree screen with speakers. They have completed their purpose built area in reception with wheelchair access.

There will be a small fee of 70p for any non-disabled participants to help develop the experience for the future and maintain equipment but the experience is free to all disabled customers.

Mandy Young MBE DL (Founder of Adrenaline Alley) says…

“It’s incredible what we have achieved for the investment we have had, once again we’ve captured the hearts and minds of those involved and excelled expectations to create something for everyone that is new, innovative and something we can build on for the future. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their free time and devotion they have given us to complete this project.”

Check out whats happening at Adrenaline Alley!

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