In part two of Sarah’s story, we learned about her work with Ready2Grow and discovered how it’s helping businesses achieve their full potential. In the last part of this series, we talk to Sarah about her passion for the Young Enterprise charity.


As a Business Adviser at Northamptonshire’s Growth Hub, Sarah Damani is used to helping entrepreneurs establish their businesses and plan for future growth.

“It’s fantastic to support such a wide range of businesses that share the same passion and desire to make their dreams come true and grow their enterprises,” explains Sarah. “However, I’ve always been fascinated by how we can help develop tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, by encouraging teenagers to have a taste of the business world and gain skills through real life experience.”

Sarah’s passion for encouraging the development of business skills at a young age prompted her to get involved in the Young Enterprise financial education charity.

Established in 1962, Young Enterprise was founded by Sir Walter Salomon, who’s desire to foster work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial skills among youngsters has inspired nearly four million people to reach their potential.

The charity’s philosophy of “learning by doing” is something close to Sarah’s heart.

“Most of us don’t encounter things like marketing, sales, product design or even the idea of being an entrepreneur until the last couple of years of college,” she explains. “This is what makes Young Enterprise such a fantastic support provider. ”

Sarah has been volunteering as a business adviser for Young Enterprise since last summer. The voluntary work gives her the opportunity to coach a team of 15-year-olds at a local school, by helping them set up, start and run businesses during their academic year.

“It’s something I’m really keen on being involved with, because I personally don’t think schools equip our kids with these vital life skills,” she says. “And it’s hard but great work. The kids don’t even get paid for it – they have to invest £10 of their own money to get started, which helps them learn about budgeting, team work and investment.”

Young Enterprise is a not-for-profit charity, and while only specific schools have signed up to the scheme, more are being added regularly.

“They’re always looking for schools to be involved,” explains Sarah. “Therefore, if any parents are interested, it’s worth talking to their children’s school to see if they can be encouraged to get involved – participation is free, after all!”

To find out more about the fantastic work being undertaken by Young Enterprise, click here.

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