In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and challenging world, innovation matters more than ever and is critical to any organisation’s long term success.


However, according to the European Union Innovation Scoreboard, innovation remains far below average for British small businesses. For those that crack the formula by creating cultures that foster creativity, agility and collaboration, greater productivity, boosted profits and sustainable growth are the rewards on offer.

This workshop, delivered by Lou Palfreyman Consulting, is designed to help people understand the fundamental elements that must be in play to shape and sustain an innovation culture designed to meet the demands of the modern world.

About Lou

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with, and for, some of the UK’s best-loved brands, organisations and ambitious SME’s, to help them achieve their goals. During this time, I began to notice a consistent challenge facing most of the people I spoke with: everyone agreed that innovation was the most important discipline for their future success, and most were honest enough to share that they didn’t know how to go about bringing it to life in their organisations. Many talked about it being some sort of ‘dark mystical art’ or ‘innate talent’ that only a few possessed. Of course, that’s simply not true. I believe we are all innovators. But like most things, it’s a skill we need to learn and practise.

With that in mind, I decided to knock creativity right off its pedestal by taking my 30 years of experience as a marketer, innovator and social psychologist and encoding it into building blocks that anyone can use to gain competitive advantage.

Lou Palfreyman Consulting was born!

Since then, along with a network of associates and collaborators, I’ve helped organisations to launch new products, grow incremental value streams, design signature processes, innovate supply chains, build open innovation partnerships, shape exceptional customer experiences and create award-winning brands. I also practise what I preach! This year, my consultancy is developing three new products it plans to bring to market over the coming 18 months. This means I know exactly what it’s like to go through all the stages of innovation as an SME! I’m a proud mentor for the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and board member of The Mighty Creatives; two organisations nurturing the innovation talent of young people to ensure our next generation of entrepreneurs.

Among many others Lou Palfreyman Consulting has worked with DPD, Lloyds Banking Group, Domino’s Pizza and Rolls Royce.

Workshop outline:

This workshop will look at how innovation can be utilised in business to develop new products, services and processes and also how this can be applied to the Supply Chain.

  • Understanding innovation and how it can enable business growth, for example competitive edge, streamlining, cost savings, new customers and exploring the advantages
  • The importance of market research to understand what exists and the gaps and potential opportunities
  • The difference between new to the firm and new to the market and the impact
  • Common barriers to innovation
  • An introduction to tools and techniques to support the following:
    • Process innovation/mapping
    • Product/Service innovation
    • Collaboration/supply chain
    • Sources of information and advice
    • Action planning

Tuesday, 15th May – Northampton – full day 9:30-17:00

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“I’ve worked with Louise in different roles for nearly 5 years now and she’s the first person I call when I need to shake up the status quo. Her ability to make innovation simple and exciting has enabled us to do some things that we never would have thought about otherwise. We have a huge task on our hands…changing a fairly traditional organisation, but we’re already seeing some great results and know that she’s the right person to help us reach our goals.”

Lisa Jansen, Programme Manager: People Change Group, Lloyds Banking Group

“Lou has helped me look at challenges from completely new perspectives and untap my own personal creative capabilities. It’s not just about tools and techniques, she understands that people are the secret ingredient to making things happen.”

Communications Manager, Global Telecoms Company.

“Lou provides cut-through and completely different ways of looking at things that enabled us to connect with being a truly customer and market led business rather than being internally focussed and blinkered. Every organisation needs a ‘dose of Lou’. Her enthusiasm, strategic thinking, zest and ‘can do’ way of being is infectious.”

Director, SME Healthcare Company.

“When I met Lou, I was struck by her infectious energy and creative approach. She managed to somehow completely energise the whole group about a subject they would normally find dry and challenging. I haven’t yet seen such an innovative approach in the whole of my time delivering training programmes.”

Director, SME Training Company


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