Mentors Matter is a networking platform between University of Northampton students or graduates and employers . Designed to connect students with employers and alumni to open up mentoring prospects, jobs, or just discussions that will open up opportunities for  businesses  to support and get to know students. 


With a structure very similar to that of LinkedIn, alumni/businesses create and set up a profile where they can add information about themselves and areas of support and guidance which they can offer. This is an extremely advantageous networking platform where you can develop a professional working relationship with a student and pass on your working experience, tips and tricks. Widening your mentees professional networking skills via this online mentoring platform by channelling their focus and by offering guidance.

As a platform it enables people who are already established within their careers and professions to provide support to University of Northampton undergraduate students. Questioning and challenging their thinking outside an academic context, helping them to consider and plan life after graduating and how they intend on achieving it. This can be facilitated by connecting with other users and offering guidance such as checking CV’s, proofreading, helping with a job application, and sharing a few emails. Once a relationship like this has been developed with a shared understanding there is potential for meeting face to face or possibly leading to work experience or internships.

To register online on mentors platform please visit: www.northampton.ac.uk/mentorsmatter

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