Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd specialises in training police, military and government agencies around the world in how to suppress and control aggressive dogs that they may encounter during operations. As well as running training courses the Northamptonshire-based company develops bespoke products to assist teams in achieving their aims safely and without injury.


Over the last year they transitioned from training just police forces to dealing with private sector organisations too. During this period of diversification, they joined the Innovate Northamptonshire project and started working with the Growth Hub’s Innovation Adviser, Aurel Nastase, to develop an action plan and support the company’s future ambitions.

Phil Robson, Director of Advanced K9 Solutions says:  

“Having been within the military and police service for nearly 28 years I had no experience in running a business so it was reassuring to speak to someone who had business experience and was able to give an unbiased opinion and practical advice.”

The company was also looking to bring new products and services to the market and Aurel supported them to secure a £ 3,500 Innovate Northamptonshire grant, which enabled them to develop a safer animal defense mini electric shield designed to protect humans whilst also keeping aggressive dogs safe from harm.

Phil added:The grant funding supported us to develop and register the trade mark for our electric shield, which will build up our product portfolio and support the scalability of the business.”

Aurel Nastase, Growth Hub’s Innovation Adviser, says:

Innovation is a tool that any business that is looking for growth should exploit. In their innovation journey businesses should look to develop products and services that are affordable, accessible, and which add value by solving problems.

Our Innovate Northamptonshire project is all about encouraging businesses to explore different ways of working, generating new ideas and ultimately developing new creative solutions.”

Innovate Northamptonshire, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aims to promote research and innovation within small and medium sized enterprises across Northamptonshire.

In addition to adviser support, the project also offers a combination of workshops – please see our events section for more information.

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