There was a time where people didn’t think Instagram would ever take off, however it’s now become the ultimate photo sharing platform and one of the most popular social media sites/apps.

With over 800 million monthly users, more than 60 million photos are posted each day, meaning 1.6 billion daily ‘likes’ are given. Instagram has also become the most used platform for ‘influencers’, leading brands and businesses.

Instagram’s business features have helped thousands of businesses grow, stay relevant and create partnerships .Posting the right content to stay relevant to your current customers whilst also attracting new customers is key. It can be hard to know which kinds of post work best for growing and maintaining an audience. Check out our top Instagram Marketing tips.

  1. Switch or create a business profile
    Business profiles have several benefits, your followers can click your contact button and get in touch with you there and then, just like they would from your website. Business profiles also allow you to create and publish Instagram ads without needing to use Facebook’s advertising tools. You can also access analytic tool, Insights. Insights provides you with STATS about the impressions and reach of your posts.
  2. Use Instagrams free tools!
    Instragam business profiles aren’t that different from Facebook business profiles, as mentioned above you can use Insights to view statistics such as impressions, engagement data, and get a breakdown of your followers demographic including age range, gender, location and most active hours. These free tools are priceless because you can use to better understand how uses are interacting with your content. The more you know about how users are interacting with your posts, the better you can adjust your content to boost engagement.
  3. Post product or new service teasers
    What if you could sell more products just by posting product or Instagram teasers? Well, you can. Instagram is a great place to advertise your products and services, remember you have to strike the balance between advertising and being pushy – if you’re too pushy you will scare off your followers. Teaser posts are a simple way to talk about your product and increase excitement without looking like your trying too hard. Try to keep your teasers laid back, mention key factors such as discounts and a product image, you’re making your potential customers aware of the product/service but you’re not pushing them into buying anything.
  4. Create sponsored ads
    As time goes on, Instragram ads are becoming more common and popular. You can control how much you want to spend on them by setting a budget, the ads tool also allows you to showcase one ad or multiple ads with the carousel feature, this provides you with the opportunity to target different audiences, before sponsored posts, only followers could see your updates, now businesses can promote themselves via photos and increased their target audience. When making a sponsored ad, use engaging content. Make sure you think about your demographic and plan accordingly. You can turn existing posts into sponsored ads too, keep an eye out for your top posts and see if they can be turned into an engaging ad.
  5. Use Instagram Stories
    It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but not many people use their Instagram stories. Stories differ from regular Instagram posts, they come in a ‘slideshow’ format. They only ‘live’ for 24 hours, but! They can be saved and reused at a later date. This process is very similar to Snapchat (it’s actually a direct competitor), stories allow you to interact with your followers in a different way.

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