Northamptonshire Growth Hub will be merging with Velocity Growth Hub to help drive economic growth across the South East Midlands. 

A new single business brokerage service will improve support on offer for businesses.


Northamptonshire Growth Hub is to merge with its sister Growth Hub, Velocity, as part of plans by South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) to create the best environment to start up and grow a business.

SEMLEP – the government created, business-led partnership between public and private sector, which operates both Growth Hubs – is to restructure its ‘Growing Businesses’ workstream from 1st January 2019 as part of its Local Industrial Strategy.

To improve and develop support for businesses, a new, single Growth Hub will be created, replacing the current Northamptonshire and Velocity Growth Hubs.

Existing European funded projects which are currently delivered by the Northamptonshire Growth Hub (Ready2Grow, Innovate Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Digital Enhancement and the South East Midlands Startup Programme) will continue to be managed by the Northamptonshire project teams until their conclusion in Spring and Autumn of 2019.

The new service will be the go-to place for business support in the South East Midlands, offering a single entry point for enterprises looking for help and advice around innovation and growth. The single Growth Hub will work proactively with private and public sector organisations to signpost businesses to the organisations with the best skill set to diagnose and solve any challenges they face.

This new operating model will ensure businesses have access to the very best support aligned with their needs, while offering a more efficient experience.

Malcolm Johnston, SEMLEP Growth Hub Manager, said:

“We know from speaking with thousands of businesses each year how beneficial they find our business support services and how our Growth Hubs play a critical role in unlocking barriers to growth and innovation.

“This move enables us to enhance the support we are offering businesses, building on the fantastic work that has been done at Velocity and Northamptonshire Growth Hubs and taking this to the next level in partnership with public and private sector organisations.”

Governed by a business-led board, SEMLEP has a central role in determining local economic priorities and securing investment to support business innovation and growth. This is achieved through its ‘Growing Business’, ‘Growing People’ and ‘Growing Places’ workstreams, which link public and private sectors with academia to drive productivity, job creation and long-term sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


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