What could a £20,000 grant help your business to achieve?


The ACTIS project (part funded by ERDF) can provide support for innovative medical related activity for small and medium businesses with a base in the South East Midlands Region.  Activity can include data processing, human and animal health, devices, prototype development, accreditation, patenting, etc.  The brief is quite wide and is worth a discussion.

ACTIS offers two types of grant funding to help businesses to develop new products or processes. Both grants provide 30% intervention on the total cost of the project (not including VAT)

Revenue Grants

£1,000 – £20,000  (up to £66,000 total project cost) – support for innovation to develop a new product or process.

Travel Grants

£500 – £3,000 (up to £10,000 total travel costs) – to attend workshops and conferences anywhere in the world to enhance understanding of the medical environment.

If you are interested in this grant funding programme, please contact tteresa@medilinkem.com with an outline of your innovation idea or for more information.

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