The Green Business Fund (GBF) provides funded support to SMEs in England Scotland and Wales through energy assessments, training workshops, equipment procurement support and up to £5k towards energy saving equipment. The GBF scheme is currently scheduled to run until December 2019 and the organisation aims to maintain a strong presence throughout local communities over that time by delivering workshops for local businesses with the objective to share best practice and encourage sustainable growth.


The training sessions, typically 2-3 hours long, help small businesses to learn how to identify and implement opportunities to reduce energy costs within their business and how to access further free support from the GBF. The GBF does not charge for these workshops and can travel to locations across England to deliver them to relevant small businesses.

For more information on the workshops please visit this link https://www.carbontrust.com/about-us/events/2017/03/green-business-fund-sme-workshops/

You can find more general information about the Green Business Fund here or you can email greenbusiness@carbontrust.com or call 020 3944 0472 to speak to one of their advisers.



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